BioGuard vHP Hydrogen Peroxide Concentrate

Stabilized, High-Purity, 35% Aqueous Vapor Phase Hydrogen Peroxide Solution with Visual Indicators

Huguenot Laboratories BioClean vHP Hydrogen Peroxide Concentrate (BioClean vHP) is a specially formulated, stabilized, high-purity, 35% aqueous hydrogen peroxide concentrate with visual indicators. BioClean vHP ensures biodecontamination of environmental surfaces with no toxic residue, and degrades to simple water and oxygen. Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor demonstrates broad-spectrum efficacy against viruses, mold, bacteria, yeasts and bacterial spores (according to EPA publications). Hydrogen Peroxide is compatible with a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics and optics (according to EPA publications). During our proprietary thermal vapor phase generation, the hydrogen peroxides boiling point is 50°C higher then water, allowing evaporation of water with an atomized fine mist of hydrogen peroxide to remain. BioGuard vHP Hydrogen Peroxide Solution is the best known available technology to safely counteract the COVID-19, flu, and common cold viruses.

For use as a microbial biostat in validated (up to 250,000-ft3) and non-validated (up to 4,000 ft3 ) applications for biostatic treatment of sealed (when required), pre-cleaned enclosures located in industrial, commercial and institutional settings (including production operations in pharmaceutical manufacturing, clean rooms, medical device treatment as part of a manufacturing process, laboratories, animal research facilities, school facilities, patient rooms, hotel rooms, offices, cruise ships, recreational facilities and emergency response vehicles). BioClean vHP typically takes two highly trained operators to fog, whereas a large manual cleaning crew increases contamination risk with minimized results, as they will not clean what they cannot see and touch.

Hydrogen Peroxide itself has been registered with US EPA for use in the vapor phase. Uses other than as specified and described are not permitted and may not be effective in the treatment of exposed surfaces in pre-cleaned enclosures. Review the EPA’s Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide information for proper instructions on how to operate a vHP Generator prior to utilizing the equipment for treatment. BioClean vHP Hydrogen Peroxide Biostat should be applied only by properly trained and certified personnel who are thoroughly trained in the use and operation of our proprietary vHP Generator.

Special Note: It is important to note that hydrogen peroxide vapor has been tested by the EPA extensively for decades for the eradication of anthrax spores, bacteria, mold, viruses, fungus, and other germs and pathogens. As testing has not been concluded and in some cases not even begun on the novel COVID-19, we must only claim the BioClean vHP 35% Active Hydrogen Peroxide Solution as a ‘Biostat’ at this time. We believe vHP is the best available technology balancing risk to employees and building contents, with both safety and proven effectiveness. All that remains after the treatment process is complete is water and oxygen.

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Best Available Technology for Safely Counteracting Viruses, Mold, Bacteria, Yeasts and Bacterial Spores, in Very Large Spaces, in the Shortest Period of Time.